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Coming in Clutch with Clearance Sales

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  • By Julia Peet
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Coming in Clutch with Clearance Sales

Past Season products are on super sale in the clearance section of our website. Shop the 2021 Clutch Wakeboard and save big for next summer. The Clutch is a perfect family friendly option for first time wakeboard owners. Let me tell you why.

The 2021 Clutch wakeboard is the perfect family board for first time wakeboard owners. And it's on sale which makes it even better. Let's dive into it.


3-Stage Rocker


3-Stage Rocker lines allow you to get bigger pop off a smaller wake, which is great for new wakeboard owners. 3-Stage rocker lines offer explosive pop to those that are ready to fully send it. I love to explain the different types of wakeboard shapes to people in the shop by comparing flight and height. Continuous rocker lines traditional and have been around much longer. They launch you horizontally out past the second wake. 3-Stage Rocker lines launch give you vertical flight time. Again, they are beneficial to smaller wakes because the shape of the board works with you to give you maximum pop and flight time. 

138cm One Size Fits Most

Wake Graphs

At 138cm, the Clutch is a great family size board. 138cm will fit riders up to 200lbs. This makes it the best choice for families because it will fit most. Put an open toe boot on it and you've got a wakeboard that will fit nearly anyone who wants to use it. 

Variable Beveled Edge

Rolled edges, for a smoother, catch-free ride that sharpen at the tip and tail for more bite.

Grab Rails

This feature is simple but a game changer for next level wakeboard tricks. Performing grabs is simple, unless you're just starting out or going in blind. The Clutch features a concave in the sides of the board which will enable you to maintain a stronger hold on the grab. It'll also help you find the rail when performing a grab so that you can keep your attention on the wake and the water. The final use for the grab pertains to simply carrying the board. Having those concave in the rails allows you to carry the board with ease in and out of the boat. 

Molded Quad Fin Set Up

The Clutch combines four long molded-in fins with two removable center fins for tons of stability and control on the water. Once comfortable, you can easily remove the center fins to achieve a looser feel preferred by more advanced riders.

The Clutch has two removable center fin options as well. These fins are great for beginner riders because they create more drag. This will slow the board down and create more stability. Once you are comfortable riding and once you build up confidence on the board, you can remove the fins. That will make the board feel more slippery and you can practice surface 360s. 

A great option for families

The Clutch is the ideal choice for a family wakeboard because of the size, the design, and the price. Shop clearance wakeboards now and save big for next summer. Have question about binding sizes and set ups? Shoot us an email at [email protected] Call us at 207-693-3867. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram. Check out our YouTube Channel for more water sports content! 

Talk Soon.


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