Bending Branches Whisper II Aluminum Shaft Black Blade

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The Whisper kayak paddle was recently named "Top Pick" by Outdoor Gear Lab, calling it “an affordable entry-level paddle that you can rely on.”

For new kayakers, once-or-twice-a-year kayakers, rental businesses and resorts, Bending Branches’ Whisper kayak paddle has been the go-to paddle for many years. If you don’t want to break the bank but still want decent performance, the Whisper is for you.

Whisper’s Features Usually Seen on More Expensive Kayak Paddles

An aluminum shaft is standard for the least expensive kayak paddles—but that’s where the similarities stop. The shaft is slightly ovalized, which offers a better fit for your hands. And we add coated grips on each side so your hands aren’t directly on the aluminum. That’s great for colder days.

The Whisper’s blades are fashioned with durable polypropylene that can take a beating for years. With an aggressive dihedral running down the length of each blade, you’ll feel very little “paddle flutter” in each stroke.

The snap-button ferrule system offers a snug fit with a 60º feathering option for either blade. Rather than metal-on-metal, the Whisper’s ferrule insert is plastic. That gives a snug fit with less chance of getting bound up with grit and sand.

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