O'Brien Vortex Combo Skis

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The Vortex Combos are our "Bid Daddy" wide-body pair. These skis are designed for super easy deep-water starts and big, carving turns, at minimal effort. The extra surface area reduces drag and provides a huge amount of lift to get bigger skiers up on plane with ease. The large surface area also allows for skiing at a slower, more comfortable boat speed. A side benefit is it takes less horsepower to get Vortex skiers up, and these make an easy way to teach deep-water slalom starts.

Key Features of O'Brien Vortex Combo Skis 65 w/ X7 Bindings:
  • Length: 65.5" / 166cm
  • Fin: Nylon
  • Bindings: X7 Adj Binding
  • Foot Size: Men's 4.5 - 13
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