Ronix One - Capella 3.0 - CGA Life Vest - Sea Foam Green / Black

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First and foremost, a life vest should help ensure safety in or on the water. But a really great PFD should also be very comfortable to wear. And it doesn’t hurt if it looks hot.

The Ronix One Capella 3.0 Seafoam Green/Black Life Vest from Bakes Marine checks all these boxes. This vest is Coast Guard approved, so you can count on it to keep you buoyant as well as on the right side of Coast Guard regs. Air-foam cylindrical construction makes it extremely comfortable to wear, while its creative color scheme will attract lots of favorable attention.


Danny Harf is good. He has won stuff, invented things, but most importantly he knows a good life jacket when he sees one. So last year when he saw this new ensemble of awesomeness he was a little bummed he didn’t have one. Well we proudly present his latest garment. Complete with 2 to 1 soft conforming cushion foam, a Capella 3.0 cylindrical design, and some really nice materials.  A tapered cylindrical design.  

Small 31-34/79-86
Medium 34-37/86-94
Large 37-40/94-102
1X-Large 40-43/102-109
2X-Large 43-46/109-117
3X-Large 46-49/117-124

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