NSP Coco Performance Touring SUP

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12'6" x 32"

Verified “Gold Level” sustainable materials 
All NSP Cocoflax boards carry the desirable Gold Level certificate, issued by Sustainable Surf. The ongoing cooperation with them and Harmless Harvest and our commitment to recycling and sustainable manufacturing make this one of the most eco-friendly boards on the market right now.

What is SUP touring?
SUP Touring entails paddling for longer distances at a moderate pace without taking a break. If epic adventures (and core workouts) excite you, then SUP touring is going to be your next hobby. The best touring boards have a wider template to float more weight and additional gear. Like all touring boards, the Cocoflax Performance touring has a distinctly bulbous nose, setting it apart from conventional shapes.

Get out and explore!
Always paddle to the next corner, see what’s around it and go further and faster in all conditions. The combination of volume (317 liters or even 332) with a displacement hull makes this an excellent travelling partner. For dedicated wildlife explorers or multiple-day creek tours, there is no board better suited than the Cocoflax Performance Touring, as it has the convenience, the durability and the efficient hull design, all in an eco-friendly construction – just the way NSP likes it. 

– Uniquely designed for stability in all conditions with enough volume to carry extra gear for day trips and overnight camping adventures.

– Flattened nose and tail deck areas for gear loading, plenty of insert points for attaching your gear with nose and tail bungee plus FCS inserts for attaching a GoPro or GPS.

– Added volume in the nose to support heavy payloads and to ride over chop easily.

– Paddlers will appreciate the great tracking and superior handling in crosswinds.

The Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race-winning design elements for an exceptional glide with touring-specific features.

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