Micheal Dolsey TUNA SUP 11'6" ORANGE

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The Tuna  - Epoxy and fiberglass SUP construction, Lite, wide, and stable.

Improved in 2018, our shape and the concave deck provides a smooth glide. This SUP is an excellent performer, in flat water, small ocean surf. 


Wide, stable shape.

Full deck coverage, multi-tone traction pad, great for paddle fit, yoga, or paddling with kids or pets.

Fins- 8" center box fin, 2-G3 side fins for better control and tracking options.

Gortex gasing air vent to help prevent delamination, 

4 deck tie-down plugs,  for gear or PFDs.

Camera mount and  leash plug,  

Wide, engineered concave deck (makes Dolsey SUPs more stable than competitor's SUPs of the same length.)

Great SUP choice for beginners, lessons, Yoga, fitness, and surfing.


Size / Dims                      Liters


  9’6 “x 31” x 4.25” –             140   

  10’ x 32” x 4.25”                 180   

  10’6” x 32.5” x 4.5”             200     

  11' x 33.” x 4.5”                   220       

  11'6" x 33.” x 4.5"               240

Colors differ slightly from picture above.

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