Micheal Dolsey Glider 10'6 Assorted Colors

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Glider SUPs - The most Durable -Stable SUP choice. Rental & Lesson grade.

The Glider -What shops, lesson providers, and cottage owners, choose.

Dolsey was the first with this new type of compression molded Plastic. Epoxy boards which must be filled with resin to strengthen the construction whereas plastic boards do not. This makes the board lighter, stronger, and long lasting. 

Construction  - EPS  blankKevlar reinforced rails. for durability.  WIde and stable for success. Front or rear deck plugs, for versitality, Nose to tail deck traction padfor fitness (call it a yoga mat ) kids and for pets (call it a pet top,) Camera plug mount.  Rail saver band, Choice of  colors,  high volume for more flotation at size. 


Full-featured SUP, priced right, built tough.   Recommended for entry to advanced SUP users. 

 Also great for kids and pets!


More features than other Similar SUPs in its class.  

-True full lengthdeck traction pad- 3-tone.nose to tail

-Camera, security, and leash plugs

-Large center carrying handle.

 -CNC cut EPS core/blank 

 -Kevlar reinforced rail

 -Super durable poly carbon shell *most ding resistant 

-Rail saver tape to protect from paddle damage. 

-10 deck gear plugs. Great for coolers, anchor, fishing rod holders, PFDs etc...

-Rear tie-down plugs provide anchor points for securing a  battery,  to power your SUP, or gear. 

-9" center box fin

-2 side fins, for better tracking. 

10'6"'      125-  225lbs          220

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