Micheal Dolsey EZ Wider 11'4 Assorted

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Dolsey is a leader, in features and board designs. Dolsey pioneered wide SUPs, concave decks, and full-length deck pads.

Always a great SUP choice,  EZ Widers are Durable - Stable, a proven SUP that beats most offerings in the marketplace, at any price.

Great SUP for rentals, lessons, tours, surfing on smaller sizes. Widers are for  beginners, or experienced paddlers.  The EZ Wider SUP is an excellent performer on flat water, lakes, rivers, bays or in the ocean. WIDE-DURABLE-STABLE.  EZ Wider deck preferred for PADDLE FIT and for paddling with pets. 


-Wide and stable shape

-Full length deck pad, great for paddle fit, yog and paddling with kids or for pets. (The Pet Top )

-Fins- 8" center box fin and 2-G3 side fins for better control and tracking options,  standard.

- Gortex air vent, to help prevent delamination.

- 8 deck tie-down  plugs, 4 front, 4 rear,  to carry gear PFD, or secure an E-FIN battery,

- Camera mount and leash plugs

-Our extra width and engineered concave deck makes the EZ Wider SUP  to the boards.
EZ Wider is more stable than the competitor 's SUPs of the same length.


Colors: Orange or Blue. Call for availability. (207) 693 - 3867


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