Ronix 2022 Ronix Element Core - Blunt Nose Skimmer - Stained Paulownia - 4'6

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The feel of a thin profile, sharp rail, pintail traditional skimmer, but has the nose of a wide longboard so you can jump on the throttle quicker, easier, and with more stability. This design opens up an entire spectrum of tricks only possible on a skimmer – but with the stability and controlled speed of a traditional surfer. Now you can ride a skimmer even on a smaller size wake and feel more confident with your tricks from the blunt nose shape. Built with a Paulownia wood exterior and mixed with our lightweight surf core. For 2022 we added a smaller 4’2” model.







A 100% Paulownia wood wrapped around our lightweight surf core. Where science and nature meet for lightweight and durability in one.




Sits deeper with more contact with the water, relying more on the rail and less on the fin.




High Speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas.

+Fin – S System

+Floating Fins

+1 – 2.5” Epoxy Fin

+Wax Mat Direct Front Pad

+Machined EVA Rear Pad

+Lava Resin

+Handmade by Robots

+Core Vents


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