Connelly 2022 Steel Wakeboard

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The Connelly Steel wakeboard, otherwise known as Steel Lafferty's board, comes from a renowned shape as the Connelly team board of choice. Now tailored to Steel's desires, the Steel is something to behold behind the boat, the perfect blend of performance and free-style design. A subtle 3-stage rocker gives you all the pop you can desire, but working with the centre spine also provides you with buttery soft landings that will save your knees for long days in the boat. Getting you to the wake is just as important, so Connelly provides a full-length centre channel to sit you deeper in the water, giving you maximum control from the start to the end of your cut. So it might be built with Steel in mind, but deep down, it is still one of the Connelly favourites and should also be one of yours.

Rocker Line

  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker - Connelly's subtle 3-stage rocker is the step in the direction of a full-blown 3-stage. A smaller flat spot between your feet before the kick gives you just enough pop to get that 3-stage feeling.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 6/10

Core Construction

  • System 80 Core – A bulletproof core built to help keep your board responsive while reducing weight, so from on water to in the air, you won't feel like you're weighed down.


  • Elliptical Beveled Edge - Allows you to set a deeper cut and give more power through your edging.


  • Monocoque Construction - An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top, so the flash line is switched out as the weakest point for the board to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding.
  • Bi-Axial Layered Glass – Ensure your board doesn’t soften over the years; layered fibreglass will help keep you poppin’.


  • Subtle Centre Landing Spine - a minimal ridge down the board helps pivot the board through edges, as well as softening your landings and saving your knees.
  • Deep Centre Channel - directs water and drives it towards the fins, providing plenty of control from the start to the end of your cut.


  • 4x Molded Outer Fins - Outer molded fins give you that perfectly smooth feel, without the aggression so that you can build up to the wake with ease and comfort

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Board Sizing

(136cm) – 63Kgs and Up

(141cm) – 76Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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