Ronix 2021 Flyweight Skimmer Wakesurfer

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The Ronix Flyweight Skimmer Wakesurf Board is one of the finest skimmers out there for riders who value control, agility, and board feel above all else. It's crafted with minimalist Flyweight Construction and boasts the thinnest profile of any Ronix board in the lineup, meaning it sits deep in the water while remaining super easy to spin. For heavyweight freestyle performance, go light with the Ronix Flyweight Skimmer Wakesurf Board.

Flyweight Construction – Lightweight, minimalist construction means less weight, easier spinning and better board feel.

Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin – A high temperature resin used on all Ronix surfers, built to withstand mother nature’s extreme heat.

Handmade by Robots – Every surfer Ronix makes removes human error. All cores are machined to exact specifications.


Skimmer – A board designed to sacrifice some top water momentum for a ride that has the most feel with the water, allowing the rider to surf more like they are on a wakeskate. Use a shallow fin or no fin at all because the board has so much natural grip.


4'2" Tip Rocker – 1.8"

4'5" Tip Rocker – 1.9"

4'8" Tip Rocker – 2.1"


Hard Rail – Designed for high speed carves for riders that like to really bury the rail.


Fin-S 2.0 Tool-less Design Featuring Spring Lock Technology – Easily change your fin setup in just seconds to dial in the performance of your wakesurf board. Using proven Spring Lock Technology, with an intuitive 2-stage engagement and removal for the most secure, lightweight setup available.

1 Carbon Symmetric 1" Floating Fin

Additional Features

Wax Mat Direct Front Pad

Machined EVA Rear Pad

Arch Support & Extra Tall Tail Wedge

Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge

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