Liquid Force 2021 CARBON HORIZON SET

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The Liquid Force Carbon Horizon Foil Set offers a lightweight setup for you to enjoy minimal drag and long glides on the Horizon.

The Liquid Force Carbon Horizon Foil Set has a 27” carbon mast that provides a lightweight connection from the board to foil that provides low drag in both straight flight and carving maneuvers. The new Bayonet mount fuselage supplies a super-secure connection to the front wing on our most hydrodynamic design yet. The Horizon 160 front wing provides effortless gliding and pumping. The 1600 cm^2 surface area and 78 cm wingspan give the right amount of lift to surf all wakes of all boats no matter the size. The TC 28 Stabilizer wing provides essential stability in the roll direction while maintaining effortless maneuverability in the yaw direction with the curved wingtips. With 3 angled shim plates to choose from to help dial in your personal preferences, the Horizon Foil Set is the most advanced foil system to date and ready to take to you to new heights.

Liquid Force Carbon Horizon Foil Set Features

  • Horizon 1600cm^2 Front Wing
  • TC 280cm^2 Tail Wing
  • Stabilizer wing designed for maximum maneuverability
  • -1.5, 0 , 1.5 tail shim to fine tune ride
  • 27″ Carbon Mast
  • Carbon Fluid Fuselage (54cm Length – male wing extrusion)
  • Transition Plate
  • Titanium Coated Stainless Steel
  • Hardware Kit
  • Padded Wing Covers
  • Compartmentalized Carry Case
Liquid Force Nebula Foil Set

Nebula Foil Set

The Nebula Foil Set from Liquid Force is the perfect choice for experienced foilers looking for the perfect blend between maneuverability, speed, and pumpability. This setup is designed for advanced foilers and comes with a 27" mast. Get ready to take your freeriding and progression to the next level.

Foil Mast & Collar

Mast & Collar

27-28" Mast: Larger mast sizes are built for more advanced riders and higher speeds. The larger the mast size, the better it will handle choppy water because it allows the rider to stay on the foil without touching the board to the water.

Standard Collar: standard 4 bolt attachment collar to join your foil setup to the board.

Attachment: Foil Track allows you to mount your foil exactly where you want it. Further back to give beginners better balance and further forward to allow tighter aggressive turns.

Foil Wing Shape

Low Aspect Wing

Wing shape: This refers to the ratio between the wingspan and the chord (distance between the leading edge and trailing edge of the wing). Low aspect wings are generally easier to use for beginners, easier to control at lower speeds, create more lift at lower speeds and more predictable and forgiving to small changes in angles of attack.

Lift Speed & Ability

Lift Speed & Ability

Lift Speed: The lift speed is the estimated speed the foil wing will begin to generate lift in the water.

Ability Level: This foil setup is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced riders.

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